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Baboosh Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap-$40.00

  • Posted Monday, Mar 17 '14 9:09am
Baboosh Post Pregnancy Wrap by Brooke Burke (color: nude, size: Small): This was a must after my second baby and worked wonders. It's important to begin wearing it immediately following the birth of your baby and helped dramatically with flattening my stomach again! It originally sells for $56.00 and I am asking $40.00.

More details and information here: http://www.babooshbaby.com/Tauts-Post-Pregnancy-Belly-Wrap/dp/B00CMD06MU?field_availability=-1&field_browse=2336278011&id=Tauts+Post+Pregnancy+Belly+Wrap&ie=UTF8&refinementHistory=brandtextbin%2Csubjectbin%2Ccolor_map%2Cprice%2Csize_name&searchNodeID=2336278011&searchPage=1&searchRank=salesrank&searchSize=12&intid=variation_swatch_B002KIXSJ0&childAsin=B002KIXSJ0