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How do I use this site?

DUKE LIST is a free, courtesy, community, electronic bulletin board for a full-time student, faculty or staff member with an active Duke NetID. (NO alumni or affiliates.) It is intended for personal use. Current campus community members can view listings, as well as post or reply to an ad.  Despite this added security feature, we still advise you to be cautious about any DukeList transactions, especially financial ones.

HOW TO RESPOND TO AN AD:  (SOME PEOPLE MISS THIS.) Once you've called up the ad, look to the left for a oversized blue button that says "Reply to Listing." Once you click on that, you'll get a screen that looks as if you're replying to an email, with a subject box, etc. Fill in the prompts with something relevant, such as "DukeList Ad" or "VW car for sale?" and hit send. That will  alert the person who posted the ad in their email. You should also receive a NoReply email from DukeList telling you that you replied to a posting.

IF YOU  HAVE FILLED A JOB OR SOLD AN ITEM, PLEASE DELETE YOUR POST PROMPTLY.. How to delete your post: Call up the listing. On the left, there should be a menu of options, including one that says delete. Click on that and save it. Check to be sure it's gone.

PRIVACY CAUTION: if you post pictures or personal information with your entries, remember you are posting on the Web. That information is hard to remove. We have installed code that requests the data not be picked up by search engines such as Google but there are no guarantees. If you've ever tried to ask for information to be removed from the Web you kniw the challenge. Better not to post in the first place.

JOBS: DukeList is the university's centralized campus job site for students. If you have questions about work study positions,  you may consult the Financial Aid Office's work study page or for information on finding a permanent job or summer internship off campus, go to the Career Center's website.

PHOTOS: From our programmers: If your photos are posting upside down or sideways, you might have unknowingly set the EXIF ( Orientation value to 'Rotate 180' with the   home button/touch ID sensor facing left. If you download and open your image in something like Gimp  ( or Photoshop, they should recognize the EXIF orientation was rotated. It may prompt  you to fix it. Try then exporting the picture from GIMP or Photoshop and it should be the standard (i.e. correct) orientation. Upload it to DukeList and it should appear correctly. If you're using Photoshop, try saving it to SAVE FOR WEB rather than simply SAVE or SAVE AS.

USERS MUST CONFORM TO FEDERAL, STATE and LOCAL LAWS and the general rules of university conduct, including the Duke Community Standard and Duke's Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action hiring policy.  

QUESTIONS? Call (919) 681-2844 or email in the Office of Undergraduate Education.