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Flagging inappropriate content

Have you come across a posting which flat-out doesn't belong here on DukeLIST? Is a real estate or other commercial service spamming the section with numerous postings? Or perhaps the posting simply belongs in a different category? You can help out the entire community by "flagging" that posting to receive attention from the DukeLIST administrator.

To do this, first view the posting in question. Then
look for "flag this post" link in the middle column. Beneath the flag you'll find two links: "Flag as Inappropriate" and "Flag as Miscategorized."

If the posting does not belong on DukeLIST at all, click
"Flag as Inappropriate." If the posting is simply in the wrong category, click "Flag as Miscategorized."

If you make a mistake, don't worry! Once you have flagged a post, the appropriate "Unflag" option will appear instead, giving you an opportunity to correct the mistake. And in any case, the DukeLIST administrator will review flagged postings before removing or recategorizing them.