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Advanced Search Tips

You don't have to read this tip to make good use of DukeLIST's search feature! Just search for the words you're looking for. We recommend that you start with a simple search for a single keyword, adding more (separated by spaces) only if you get too many results at first.

For the curious, though, there is also advanced search syntax for DukeLIST.

Here are some examples:


Lists only postings which are specifically for the chemistry department. Other appearances of the word "chemistry" don't count.

"selection process"

Lists only postings which contain this complete phrase. The two words appearing in any other order don't count.


Returns only postings for paid positions.


Returns only internships.

category:internships paid:yes

Returns only paid internships.

category:internships paid:yes keyword:french

Returns only postings of paid internships which contain the word "French."

Note that even in a "typed search" (one beginning with category:, paid:, etc.), you can still specify keywords as you would in a simple search. Just specify the keyword: type at the end of the search and list any search keywords after it.

Again, though, pickier searches usually find less stuff! So we recommend simply searching for keywords rather than using typed searches unless you have a good reason for doing so.